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Innopolis University Builds Connections with Brazilian Universities

In November, 2014, Sofia Chernogortseva, IU’s Director for Business Development, took part in the program “Collaboration across the Ocean: discovering the innovative Brazil”, which was organized by Russia’s Venture Company. 


Workshop of Software Engineering Lab

On November 25 and 26, 2014, a seminar on Software Verification was held at the IU’s Software Engineering Lab. IU’s undergraduate students, PhD students and researchers of the Lab, including the Head of the Lab Prof. Bertand Meyer took part in the seminar.  The participants discussed Lab’s research areas, such as alias calculus and automatic deadlock detection. The SE lab research will focus on building a development environment allowing programmers to verify their software as they go. The base technology is Eiffel, EiffelStudio and the EVE environment.  


Russian students will be trained at the University of Carnegie Mellon

The agreement was signed on December 21, 2012 in IT Park Kazan Director of the University Innopolis Dmitry Kondratyev and Carnegie Mellon University Rector Mark Kamletom. Carnegie Mellon University (English Carnegie Mellon University, CMU) – a private university a research center located in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA), which is engaged in including and research in the field of science and technology innovation in the field of robotics and artificial study intelligence. It is considered the best in the United States in the training of specialists in the field of computer technology.

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