Student arithmetic at Innopolis University: minus twenty-eight, plus three hundred thirteen

23 августа 2016

Student arithmetic at Innopolis University: minus twenty-eight, plus three hundred thirteen

23 августа 2016

Rustam Minnikhanov and Nikolay Nikiforov congratulated 28 Master's degree students of the IT University on their graduation and welcomed 313 freshmen.

Today Innopolis University is celebrating a special event, a graduation ceremony of its Masters in Software Engineering. This year 26 young men and 2 young ladies completed their studies. A number of honoured guests, in particular, President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Minister of Telecom and Mass Communication of the Russian Federation Nikolay Nikiforov came to congratulate the graduates. Besides, the University leadership, including Alexander Tormasov, the Rector, and Kirill Semenikhin, the Director, together with Vice-Rectors, delivered an inspiring message for graduates.


Alexander Tormasov reminded the students they are always welcome at Innopolis University although they have completed their studies. He also encouraged keeping in touch with each other. The Rector noticed that some graduates have already decided to work at the University, while others will be employed by the residents of the Innopolis Special Economic Zone: "These are not words of farewell but a warm welcome to a new life".

Nikolay Nikiforov emphasized that the number of Innopolis University students has doubled this year. Besides, there are first students coming from India, China, the United States and Germany. All students enrolled this year gained the high scores at the Unified State Exam, thus, Innopolis University joined the list of top-10 higher education institutions based upon this indicator. "It is an impressive result for a young University. I am very pleased that many graduates have chosen their careers, found jobs or are going to open their own companies. I wish every success and great achievements to you and your companies!" - said the Minister.

Addressing to the Masters, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan noticed that Nikolay Nikiforov has come to congratulate them despite being on vacation. Rustam Minnikhanov mentioned that activities of the University are monitored at the high level because it is the only Russian university of its kind, which is a great merit of the university team: "I am very glad that we have good results, and I am sure that soon we will achieve even more success”.


All graduates received gifts and memorable silver rings with the University logo. Besides, representatives of ICL and MegaFon marked the top-three Masters.

Anton Trantin speaking on behalf of all students, told about studies at the University and gave a piece of encouraging advice to the freshmen: "We have worked hard, and made mistakes. We would have been criticized for our faults at any other university, but here it is a different story. In Innopolis we have learned not to fear of being wrong because by making mistakes you gain knowledge. It is natural that in the course of studies you come across some bottlenecks, but you can always contact the University leadership or the City Hall who can help you to solve your problems".

The graduation event was followed by the official matriculation ceremony. The freshmen got a warm welcome from Giancarlo Succi, Dean of Innopolis University and Kirill Semenikhin, Director of the University, who noticed that the world is changed not by technology but by people creating and developing them.


Young people enrolled this year have pronounced an oath promising to spare no time and efforts for studies, use their knowledge for the benefit of society, promote the IT industry, keep traditions of the University and always remember it. In the end of the official part, all participants went outside to launch 350 balloons. Informal celebrations will be held at the University tonight.