Innopolis University study scholarships: call for applications is now open

9 октября 2018

Innopolis University study scholarships: call for applications is now open

9 октября 2018

Apply to participate in the scholarship competition and win a scholarship that covers up to 100 % of the tuition fees and covers monthly allowance for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at the Russian IT University.

Innopolis University offers five Computer Science programs: one Bachelor’s and four Master’s: Data Science, Software Engineering, Robotics, Secure System and Network Engineering (SNE). The programs descriptions and entry requirements are available at

We have asked the Master’s programs leading professors to comment on their programs and the expectations of the candidates.

According to Alexander Klimchik, Head of the Robotics program, the candidates are expected to have strong background in Physics and Mathematics, as well as strong programming skills and basic knowledge in Control Theory, Mechanics and Mechatronics:

“During the training students obtain the cutting-edge knowledge on Robotics Systems Dynamics, Modern Numerical Computing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Mechatronics and other related disciplines. The program is special due to the modern instruments provided to the students, which enables them to become most desirable candidates for further employment.”

Rasheed Hussain, Head of the SNE Program, mentioned that SNE is one of the most successful industry-oriented master’s programs in Russia:

“We are looking for security, network security and cyber security enthusiasts who love to get hands-on experience of the tools with which they can make the systems and networks secure. The essential requirements for our MS-SNE candidates include hardworking, never giving up, tendency to work under pressure, meet strict deadlines, and dedication. Other mandatory requirements include skills in Unix, programming, mathematics, knowledge of OS, scripting, networking, and practical experience in security and network management.”

Innopolis University offers scholarships covering 100% of tuition fees (600000 Rubles per semester for Bachelor’s program and 700000 Rubles per semester for Master’s programs). Students’ monthly allowance amounts to 12000-42000 Rubles (200-700 U.S. Dollars), depending on the program and the academic success.

In case a student enrolls on a self-funding basis with a partial scholarship covering 30 %, 50 % or 70 % of the tuition fees, the monthly allowance is not provided.

The scholarship application for Fall-2019 will be open from October 9, 2018 till May 1, 2019.

Scholarship competition steps

According to Adil Khan, Head of the Data Science program:

“The Data Science Master's degree at Innopolis University offers a rigorous, relevant curriculum taught by one of the best faculty in the world. Our mission is to provide our students with the advanced theoretical knowledge and analytical training which would enable them to learn from big data and build state-of-the-art artificial intelligence systems.

We are looking for those who want to advance their career with a degree in Data Science or want to start a new career as data scientists. To qualify for the program one should have at least a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field and prior programming experience.”

Here is what Manuel Mazzara, Director of the Institute of Technologies and Software Development, adds on the Software Engineering program:

“We are looking for candidates with strong IT background who worked in the business for a few years and are looking for ways to expand their understanding of technical and scientific matters in the domain of Software Engineering. These candidates are usually willing to progress in the career ladder within their companies and are keen to invest two years to develop their soft and hard skills. Excellent candidates with particular interest in science may join the program as a platform to continue with PhD studies and academic research.”

For your convenience we have prepared an extended F.A.Q. section on your online application.

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