An overview of applications designed by students of Innopolis University

13 мая 2016

An overview of applications designed by students of Innopolis University

13 мая 2016

Practice in Software Engineering, Financial Management, Intelligent Map of the University and Academic Process Planning - these are the projects introduced by 1st year Master's degree students.

Recently 1st year Master's degree students presented their projects that are an integral part of the Practicum Project I course. During four months, students had been working hard on Java applications. The course has helped students to improve their technical skills and acquire a useful teamwork experience. All projects had been developed under supervision of team members of Master's Program in Software Engineering (MSIT-SE) headed by Aleš Živkovič, Director of the mentioned program.

We have prepared a review of programs for the guests of our site.

Innomaps: Smart Navigation in the University Campus

The project is designed to help visitors to find their way in the University building and keep users aware of events occurring at Innopolis University. Authors of the application are sure that positioning and navigation inside the University campus is a real problem that needs a better solution. The team has tested a number of approaches, each requiring additional financing. Finally, a simple and elegant solution was chosen: QR codes used to identify a user's location.

Beta version of the program is available upon request. The team keeps working on the project. In particular , they are going to launch a Google Play application in autumn of 2016.

SE Insights: Software Engineering is Everything to Us

This mobile application will help users to improve knowledge about the best software engineering practices. The app has two core functions: the questionnaire that enables a correct choice of a software engineering process, and the "Day Theme" section where the system provides new interesting tips on various topics.

The first function will help you to choose the engineering process (Scrum, XP, RationalUP, Microsoft Sync & Stabilize, Team Software Process) that suits best for a certain project and team. The second function is to provide daily tips to help users improve the quality of the engineering process management. Tips are related to planning, risk management and other project management practices. The team will also release the program in Google Play.

Home Finance: New Solution for Finance

The application helps users to manage their finance: define categories and accounts to control revenues and expenses. Movement of funds is fixed according to the "double entry" principle where each transaction contains the source account and the settlement account. In order to analyze data, the application provides the user with a balance sheet as an addition to the profit and loss statement. Besides, the application supports financial data retrieval from the account statements.

Task Tracker: the "Almighty" Schedule

The application is designed for students to help them plan the academic process in advance.

Imagine your to-do list, add the function of arranging tasks into subtasks, setting the start time and the deadline, matching of tasks with relevant course, allocation of priorities, and evaluation of the task completion time.

Authors of the project got inspired by the question if students at the beginning of the semester know how long will it take to complete each task. The only thing they know is the deadline, so the application uses the planning principle focused on the deadline of the task delivery.

In addition to smart planning (deadlines, priorities, student's free time during the week), the application allows you to import *.ics calendars (in order to import courses from Moodle), visualize the current progress and send notifications about the upcoming dates of commencement and termination of scheduled tasks.

Opinion of the Project Manager

Aleš Živkovič, Director of the Master's Programs in Software Engineering, explained that the main purpose of each project is to allow students to prove themselves as beginner developers working in the industry-like environment.

«Results achieved in four months have exceeded all expectations. The teams managed to complete the task in a short period of time: they have developed useful applications that will be in-demand in the near future», - said Živkovič.  

Aleš Živkovič, Director of the Master's Programs in Software Engineering: «Results achieved in four months have exceeded all expectations».


He emphasized that in the next two months InnoMaps will be available for guests of Innopolis University. Besides, users will gain access to the Task Tracker app for Android soon. However, some interesting elements (for example, Smart Setup Wizard, based on data collection for the last academic year), is still under development.

«It is important that 76% of students have successfully passed the interview for the second academic year of the Master's Program in Software Engineering (MSIT-SE)" and continue their studies in autumn. I would like to note that graduates of MSIT-SE have proven themselves as good project managers and team leads in preparation of students for further challenging tasks in the framework of Master's degree programs of Innopolis University», - concluded the MSIT-SE Director.