Admission to summer school in collaborative robotics and software engineering at Innopolis University is now open


8 июня 2018

Admission to summer school in collaborative robotics and software engineering at Innopolis University is now open

8 июня 2018

The training will be organized from August 6 until August 19. For the first time in the history of the summer school the program will combine two areas — robotics and software engineering. The summer school is designed for Master and PhD students, postdocs and young researchers having experience in robotics or software engineering. 

The University offers 20 placements in each area free of charge. The deadline for application is June 17. The maximum number of participants is 40 people, i.e. 20 participants in each area.

This year the summer school will be held in two stages:

After the summer school, all participants interested in internship can do it in one of 13 laboratories of the University.

"Speakers of the summer school are leading scientists in the field of robotics and software engineering. We did our best to make sure that the lectures will be given by professors from Norway, Korea, Italy, France and Russia. The lectures will cover the top issues in robotics and software engineering in terms of theory and practice, — told Alexandr Klimchik, Head of Robotics Center at Innopolis University and coordinator of the summer school."

Alexandr Klimchik also noticed that the teamwork on real projects will become the key feature of this summer school: "The teams will consist of robot technicians and software developers who will collaborate under guidance of professional software engineers having job experience in the industry. In addition to new knowledge and teamwork skills, participants will have a chance to discuss the projects they work on and set up new links for cooperation."

"Participants of the Software Engineering section will learn how to build software, what approaches are used in software design depending on objectives and how to measure performance of the team. This section will also introduce new structural methods of creating modern systems and supporting the existing ones." — said Alberto Sillitti, coordinator of the summer school, Head of Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory at Innopolis University.

The training will be based on the competence centre of Innopolis University in the field of robotics and mechatronics. The official language is English.

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